Who Has the Best Cheap Car Insurance?

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Who Has the Best Cheap Car Insurance?

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Car insurance is a topic many of us, whether we want to or not, have to address at one time or another. However, there are so many questions with regards to which is best. How does an average driver in the U.S.A. get the biggest bang for their buck? Check out the following. We will attempt, through research and common sense, to give you an idea of which car insurance companies might be best for you. 

Which is the cheapest car insurance company and the cheapest car insurance company by state? 

According to Value Penguin, the least expensive insurance - as a whole - goes to Erie. It is the 13th largest insurer in the U.S.A. and this is pretty remarkable considering the company is found in only nine states. It knocked others out of the competition with an average of being twenty eight (28%) less expensive than its more popular competitors. Also, in Virginia and Pennsylvania, drivers could find Erie for forty percent (40%) less than the state average! 

State by State According to Value Penguin.

Please remember this is as of this writing and the amounts can change. Just to give you some examples: 

Alabama: Progressive - $673 yearly 
Alaska: United Services - $435 yearly 
Arizona: Freedom National - $900 yearly 
Arkansas: Farmers - $288 yearly 
California: USAA - $623 

However you can go to Value Penguin and look up your own state easily. 

Which is the BEST Car Insurance Company? 

According to Good Financial Cents the top best five insurance companies are: 

1) Progressive 
2) QuoteWizard 
3) State Farm 
4) Esurance 
5) Liberty Mutual 

Progressive came in number one because it is well established, one in ten drivers has Progressive insurance, and has many discounts including the “safe driver” discount. Progressive also has great insurance bundles that can save another five percent (5%), their Snapshot(r) program, and in many cases they allow a driver to name their own price! All in all, good savings and reliable service wins in this category. 

Best Car Insurance Company for Military Members. 

NerdWallet tells us good things about Arisella car insurance and Geico, allowing military members ten percent (10%) and over on car insurance. However, USAA beats them all with great options. They give a fifteen percent (15%) discount if a vehicle is garaged on a military base and up to ninety percent (90%) if a military member is deployed and their car is stored in a secured location. 

Best car insurance for low mileage drivers. 

The Zebra tells us, on an average, the following car insurance companies have the best rates for low mileage drivers. 

Progressive Snapshot: With an estimated savings of up to one hundred and thirty dollars ($130). 
Allstate Drivewise: averaging ten to twenty five percent (10%-25%) off. 
State Farm with their Drive Safe and Save program allows up to fifteen percent (15%) off their regular insurance. 

In conclusion ... 

As you can see, there are values all around for car insurance as long as you are willing to do a little research. We hope the above gives you an idea on what you can save in the U.S.A. and that you will drive safe -- and inexpensively! 

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