Driver requirements for Lyft.

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Driver requirements for Lyft.

The requirements for the one willing to become a Lyft driver and start to earn with us are minimal. He or she should only meet several criteria. The first of them to mention is a set of requirements concerrning the personal data of the driver. The Lyft driver should be over 21 years old. He or she also should have a driver license with the remaining validity period exceeding one year. Futhermore his or her driver’s license should have been received at least one year before the day on which he or she applies for a place in the Lyft system.

The second stage is the DMV status check which determines whether you are allowed to be a Lyft driver. Lyft will employ the external company to check the following:

1. Whether you have committed road traffic offences including red light run and were guilty of road accidents in the last three years.

2. Whether you have committed serious road traffic offences including reckless driving and driving with suspended license in the last three years.

3. Drug-related offenses committed in the last seven years.

4. Criminal record related to driving in the last seven years.

Criminal record check is another step in the procedure you have to pass.They look into whether you have a conviction for:

1. Violent crimes:

2. Drug offences;

3. Sex crimes;

4. Certain cases of theft and property damage.

You have to take into account that you don’t need to apply for each check separately. Everything proceeds automatically and you’ll receive your reply within the period from 3 till 14 working days. All the documents should be submitted electronically which accelerates the process and makes it smooth. You definitely have to be accessible on your cell phone because the application operates through the internet. You also need to get in touch with your clients by mobile phone if you cannot meet each other.

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