Driving history overview (applicant process)

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Driving history overview (applicant process)

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One of our requirements to become a driver with Lyft is to be licensed for at least one full year with a United States state-issued license. If you don't meet this requirement, let us know by tapping 'Contact Support' below and we'll put your application on hold.

Once your license hits the one-year mark, reach back out to us and we'll review your application.

Causes of insufficient driving history

  • License was renewed or reissued in the last year
  • You have recently moved to a new state and updated your drivers license
  • Your state does not provide the original issue date of your license

Example driver license photo

We can accept just the license number in some states; others require an old photo or a printout of your driving history. View the list of acceptable Driver History documents by state.

At this point we are looking to prove the duration of your driving history, not the cleanliness of your driving record. Please double check after receiving the report that it displays an original issue date from over one year ago.

Once you have what is needed to prove a year of US driving history, submit by tapping 'Contact Support' below.

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