How to rate your driver

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How to rate your driver

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After each ride, you'll have the opportunity to rate your driver (and they'll rate you, too). When requesting a ride, you'll see your driver's rating and they'll see yours.

What to consider when rating

Your rating should be based on your interaction with the driver during the ride. When choosing a rating, think about whether your driver was friendly, safe, a good navigator, and made you want to use Lyft again. Lyft has rigorous standards for drivers. Each rating you give can have an impact on a driver's future with Lyft. In addition, passengers with low ratings may not have their ride requests accepted as often.

5-star system

5 stars means the ride was great and met Lyft standards. Anything lower than 5 indicates that you were somehow unhappy with the ride, so we want to know why! Use the comment box in the app after the ride to leave feedback. Lyft is all about community. To maintain the magic that is Lyft, all community members, whether they are a passenger or a driver, are expected to uphold Lyft standards and values.

Price concerns

Because payments are generated by the system, any concerns about the price of a ride should be submitted through the 'Ride history' tab and not reflected in driver ratings.

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