How to split payment for rides?

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How to split payment for rides?

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With Lyft, you can share a ride with your friends and split the cost equally between you. 

How to use the splitting feature

Payment can only be split through the app during the ride. We can't split payment after the driver has dropped you off.

  1. Tap the icon on the top right of your app (an arrow icon for iOS, and a 'split payment' icon for Android).
  2. Scroll through your contacts and select up to five friends to split the ride with. Currently, you can only invite friends in your contacts.
  3. That's it! Be sure that your friend (or friends) get a text asking them to accept the split.

When can I split payments?

Requests to split the payment can only be sent during an active ride. The feature isn't available after the driver has dropped you off.

Does my friend have to pay if I invited them?

Once they've been invited to split the payment, your friends will be able to either accept or decline the split. If they don't choose an option before the ride ends, the split will be automatically declined.

Will the price be split equally? What about tips?

The cost of the ride will be split equally, including any tip added by the requesting passenger. At this time, only the requesting passenger can add a tip.

Can I use credits?

If you have credits in your account, they'll be applied to your portion of the ride total (even if you weren't the one who requested the ride).

If you don't have credit or your credit doesn't cover the whole ride, the default payment method on your account is charged for the remainder. If you've been invited to split and don’t have a default payment method, we'll prompt you to add a new card.

Split-payment fee

Each passenger included in a split payment is charged a $0.25 split payment fee.

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