In-app Ride history tool

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In-app Ride history tool

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The app's 'Ride history' tab lets you see a detailed overview of your Lyft rides as far back as October 2014. Use the ride history to add tips, report lost items, or request price reviews. Lyft will also email you a ride receipt after your payment is processed for a ride or 16-24 hours after a ride.

Ride history features

Ride history's features include:

  • Lost & found
  • Price review
  • Add a tip

Lost & found

If you left something in your ride, tap 'Find Lost Item' and follow the next instructions to send a message directly to the driver. Your driver will receive a text message with the description you give of the item and your preferred phone number. If you lost your phone, tap 'Contact Support' at the bottom of this article so we can assist.

Price review

If you had a ride issue and want a price review, tap 'Request review.' Choose what went wrong with the ride reason, then give us any details so we can determine the best way to help you.

Add a tip

If you forgot to add a tip and want to, tap 'Tip Driver' up to 72 hours after a ride has been paid for.

Frequently asked questions

Why isn't my ride showing in 'Ride history?' The 'Ride history' only shows ride details if the payment has been processed for a ride. Your ride history goes back to October 2014. If you need a receipt copy before October 2014, tap 'Contact Support' at the bottom of this page so we can help.

What else does the 'Ride history' tab show? Your ride history will also include a map overview of each ride. Cancellation and split payment fees won't appear, but damage fees will

I paid for a ride, but my ride history says I paid "$0.00." Why? If you paid for a Lyft ride entirely in credits, the total charge amount will show as "$0.00." As usual, any tip amounts are charged directly on your preferred payment method.

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