Round Up & Donate

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Round Up & Donate

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Round Up & Donate is a feature that lets you to round up a ride fare to the nearest whole dollar and then donate the difference to a cause of your choice. For example, if you have a $12.75 fare, Lyft will round up the total to $13. The difference of $0.25 will be donated to a worthy cause.

About Round Up & Donate

To see current charities you can donate to, look at the 'Round Up & Donate' tab in the app or go to Round Up & Donate. You’ll never be forced to donate. You'll see your donations on your emailed receipt after paying for a ride. Donations aren’t included in up-front prices. We'll send you an annual report with all your tax deductible donations for tax purposes. Whether your donations are tax deductible depends on the charity. If the organization qualifies for tax deductions, then so will your donation. To switch charities between rides, first stop donating to one charity. Then, turn on Round Up & Donate for the charity you'd like to donate to.

How to turn Round Up & Donate on or off

In the app:

  • Open the Lyft app, then tap your photo in the top left
  • Tap 'Settings'
  • Tap 'Round Up & Donate'
  • Tap a charity to view details
  • Tap 'Start donating' or 'Stop donating' for a charity. That's it!

On the web:

  • Go to Round Up & Donate
  • Select 'Log in and start donating'
  • Follow the instructions to log in. Then, select a charity to view details.
  • Select 'Start donating' or 'Stop donating' for a charity. That's it!

Which rides you can donate on

A few rides don't qualify for donations. These include:

  • Rides taken on your business profile
  • Rides paid for in full with Lyft gift cards or promo codes
  • Rides with even fares. For example, a ride fare amount of $10.00 won't be rounded up.
  • Rides with split payment

Recommend a cause

As we expand Round Up & Donate, we'll continue to add new causes.

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