Toll info for passengers for Lyft

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Toll info for passengers for Lyft

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The following fees may apply during your Lyft ride. These fees may be retained by your driver, Lyft, or other third parties. If something looks like it was incorrectly charged to your ride, send us a message by tapping 'Contact Support' below.

Toll Fees

Lyft features an automated toll system for every city in which we operate. See a list of toll locations.

The final ride fare you see in the app includes applicable toll fees. We can't remove or refund the cost of the toll if a passenger pays for it outside of the app. It's against our Terms of Service for passengers to use cash for portions of a Lyft ride except for tips, which can also be done in the app.

The toll amount charged is based on the electronic toll collection system price, such as FasTrak, TollTag, Good to Go! Pass, or E-ZPass.* This is normally less expensive than paying in cash. We encourage drivers to use these systems so that they have a smooth, fast experience when going through tolls, and aren't paying more than necessary.

*Heads up: $20 surcharge will be added to all trips between New York and New Jersey, which includes tolls.

Airport Fees

Rides to certain airports may include a pickup or dropoff fee. The final ride fare includes applicable airport fees. To view airports in your coverage area and pricing details.

Other fees

Passengers may pay a fee during a ride for other related costs, such as a return toll, venues, etc. The final ride fare in the app includes applicable fees. To view pricing details and applicable fees.

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