Why do I see a charge I don’t recognize?

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Why do I see a charge I don’t recognize?

If you didn't take a Lyft ride or you see a charge from Lyft that you don’t recognize, we’re here to help investigate.

Here are the four most common reasons for unrecognized charges:

Temporary authorization: the charge is likely an authorization. Like many companies, Lyft uses authorizations to verify your payment info.

Family member or friend's ride: if you don’t recognize a Lyft transaction, check whether your family or a friend used your Lyft account or a shared credit card to take a ride.

Cancellation or no-show fee: if you requested a ride but didn't take it, the charge you're seeing could be a cancellation fee. Lyft uses cancellation and no-show fees to reimburse drivers for their time and effort. Read more about Lyft's Cancellation policy for passengers.

Unauthorized charge: if a charge that isn't any of the above posts to your account, tap let us know so we can investigate. Tap "Contact Support" below and have the following info ready:

  • Last four digits of your card number
  • Card's expiration date
  • Date of charges in question
  • Amount of unauthorized charges (including cents)

Heads up: Use the app's In-app Ride history tool tab to see actual charges.

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