How to buy a car on craigslist?

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How to buy a car on craigslist?

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Buying a car on Craigslist can be a fun and tricky Expedition. However, it is one of the easiest ways to buy car with bad credit. Yet, it is important that you make sure to do your homework to get the best deal possible. The tips below will help you find the perfect car on Craigslist. 

The first thing you need to do, when searching for a car on Craigslist, is to narrow your search. There are so many listings on the site. You should decide on the make and model of the car before you begin. 

Size up the Seller 

Sizing up the Sailor is important because you need to make sure the seller can be trusted. There are a few key things to look for when you're sizing him or her up. First, make sure you are dealing with a real person. In addition, there should also be a phone number to contact the seller. 

Call First 

Once you have narrowed the search and sized up the seller, make sure you call first. Do not buy a used car over the phone without seeing it. Make sure you're satisfied with the merchandise. 

The Meetup 

When you finally meet up, make sure it is understood that you would like to test drive the car. When you test drive the car listen for any weird noises. In addition, try to test it at lower speeds and higher speeds. You can do this easily by driving on the freeway for high speed and driving within neighborhoods for lower speeds. Also, check the car before and after you drive it. Make sure it is not overheating,and that all of your functions work well - like automatic locks, the gas hand, and the brake and headlights. 

Get an Inspection 

If you are happy with the car, the next step is to get in an inspection. Generally, you can take it to the mechanic for about $70 for a general check-up. In this way, you will be able to know if the car is has any underlying issues. 

Make Sure There's a Clean Title 

Before you actually pay, make sure the car has a clean title. You should check a car s history. This is easily done by checking the VIN number. It's important that there are no liens against the car and no outstanding debts. If you buy a car with a lien against it or an outstanding debt, you then become responsible for it. 


Finally, you can negotiate the price. Usually the seller allows negotiating room in the quoted price. You can check online to find some good techniques for negotiating. Just make sure your negotiation is fair. Look up the car before talking to the seller. Checking the Blue Book value is a very good way to find out how much a car is worth and whether or not you've been quoted a fair price. 

Buy The Car 

Now, you can finally buy the car. Once you've checked out all these things. You should feel confident enough to purchase. Check with the seller beforehand to know how he wants the money. Usually, the seller will be expecting cash. So, you'll need to go to the bank before the meeting in order to have the necessary funds.

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