Porsche will integrate blockchain technology into future models

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Porsche will integrate blockchain technology into future models

Porsche is going to integrate blockchain technology into its cars. The car manufacturer is going to begin a partnership with a Berlin firm for this. The two parties are investigating how they can optimize Porsches with blockchain applications.

The big advantage of blockchain technology is that transactions are public.Deception is almost impossible. If all administrative actions of a car such as registration, maintenance, etc. are registered via the blockchain, the blockchain can go owner-owned as a sort of encrypted digital package and fraudulent is a thing of the past, according to Porsche.


This is because the data is stored in a central register to which manufacturer, leasing company, dealer and importer, tax authorities, RDW and other interested parties have access. All parties are jointly in charge of this register. That means that all transactions can easily be handled. IBM is also working on an infrastructure for blockchain technology for the automotive industry.

Autonomous driving

According to Porsche, Blockchain technology also has advantages when closing and opening the car with an app and for granting temporary access to the car, for example, the garage owner or valet parking. Autonomous driving would also benefit from the technology. The cooperation between the two parties is still at an initial stage.

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