Review - Nissan Altima

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Review - Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima is one of our top considerations. Better gas mileage is our number one reason because it will be the husband of use for his daily commute to work. Driving the minivan daily is not so wise when you look at the gas expenses it can incur as we all know that minivans have low mileage, especially on the city roads. So the Altima will be a great choice. Besides, it is also large, so it can be taken to the desired destination during travels.

The only thing that stops us right now. Thus, any deals or promos from auto dealerships than can give us extra discount on our next. We also consider one of those pre-owned vehicles so it's not really hard to choose. We will see if Kayser Nissan in Madison, WI have the right deal for us!

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