How And When Do Uber Drivers Get Paid

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How And When Do Uber Drivers Get Paid

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So many companies and Apps have been invented that support gig and entrepreneur culture. This leads toward alternative sources of income that are being established in the mass culture. The ways of getting paid are changing and this can be a great thing, but the transition is always hard. Understanding how you get paid can often determine if you will accept or deny a new job. It will effect if you even consider the job to apply for. We all work to get paid, so let us explore how UBER pays its drivers and when they do. Knowing exactly how things work open opportunities and help you decide if that work is right for you. 

The company UBER is a millennial company and therefore they keep upgrading their process and integrative online platform. This means the payout is drastically different from the traditional payroll. Let's first address how UBER drivers make their money. Uber drivers get paid by picking up riders and driving them the distances they want to go. The amount the driver earns on each ride is dependant on total fares for the entire driving shift, how long the shift was, and the total miles driven which will affect a gas rate. 

Uber payment options

These three factors will determine how much the gross income is for the driver. Once UBER takes its twenty-percent cut, a one dollar fee per client, and sales tax, the takeaway money is what the driver earned. The tricky part is that the driver does have some expenses that aren't always obvious. So they don't end up making everything they are paid out. Drivers need to pay for gas, insurance, maintenance, and general good condition of the car. This should definitely be taken into consideration as money that will come out of your pocket. The number of hours you work in a week generally will increase your hourly rate. Especially if you work during surge hours. Most drivers agree that the longer you work the more you make hourly. 


Uber has two main ways of paying their drivers. Direct Deposit into your bank account and instant payment. With instant pay, Uber downloads what you made in a day to a debit card for $.50 cents a transaction. You can request this up to five times a day. The other transaction fee free way is to get the Uber Debit card. Any Uber driver can obtain this and your earnings are put directly onto this card. You can withdraw from the card up to five times a day.


As it depends on which payout choice you make, Uber drivers can either be paid daily with the instant payout or every Thursday with direct deposit.

It is quite a convenient way to make and have your earned money. Hopefully, it will change the way other businesses deal with paying their workers. So much can change when you are not waiting around for earned money to come in the mail. With this system, you can stay on top of expenses incurred by driving as well as your everyday bills.

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