How much can you earn as an uber driver?

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How much can you earn as an uber driver?

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The Financial Perks of Being an Uber Driver

Uber is a transportation network company that officially launched in San Francisco, California in 2011. Uber went from being an idea, developed out of the costly expense of direct transportation, to becoming a reality to help reduce that expense. It has grown to having 785 operations in metropolitan areas around the world, and with the growing demand of direct transportation, is the supply need, of Uber drivers.

There are many perks to working for Uber as a driver: being in charge of your own schedule, the flexibility of working when it is personally convenient, in-app directions, work found around the world, and making money your own way. If these perks have peeked your interest then you will want to know what the Uber driver requirements are and what you can earn as an Uber driver.


Before you start working for Uber - you will need to know the requirements of becoming a driver. After meeting the requirements you can then start to earn as an Uber driver. As a driver with Uber, you are an independent contractor, and as an independent contractor, you get to decide what you earn with Uber. You get to set your schedule so you decide how long you want to drive, when you want to drive, and where you want to drive. Your personal decisions as a driver is the base of what you will earn as an Uber driver.

Uber operates 24/7. As an Uber driver you can make money whenever you want. By utilizing the Uber driver app you can go online anytime and anywhere you want. You set the time for what you can earn with Uber. One thing to think about when setting your schedule is peak hours. During peak hours you will make the most money due to the demand for a ride being high. Uber calls this dynamic pricing. Your Uber app will show you a colored-coded heat map that displays the highest fare areas.


Currently the percentage that Uber is charging its drivers is 25%, which leaves 75% of what a driver earns as income. Uber offers promotions to its passengers and bonus opportunities for its drivers, which enhances what a driver can earn with Uber, and reduces the percentage that Uber receives from the driver. The promotions that Uber offers to its passengers does not have an affect on what the driver earns. The promotions benefit the driver through greater demand for a ride.


There are variables to what you can earn with Uber as a driver. One of those variables is location. Uber is located in metropolitan cities, world-wide. Depending on the locations and the cost to operate in those locations; what a driver earns can vary. What an Uber driver earns is based on the decisions of the driver. It is recommended that you do your homework. Through research, in regard to the Uber marketplace, you will find valuable information, from past and present Uber drivers, that will be beneficial to you personally, in helping you make the most that you can as an Uber driver.

When checking into the job market of becoming an Uber driver, again, do your homework through research. As you research you will gain insight into the financial perks of being an Uber driver.

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