How Much to Tip Your Uber Driver?

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How Much to Tip Your Uber Driver?

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Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft have become extremely popular as of lately. They are extremely convenient and helpful when someone needs a ride to just about anywhere. However, many riders are often confused about whether they should leave their driver a tip or not. Below we will cover everything you need to know about tipping Uber drivers.

How do Tips Work?

Uber Eats customers, as well as riders now, have the option to tip uber drivers after each delivery or tip. This can all be done right from the Uber app. However, the gratuity option will only be available after the rider has rated the quality of the trip. After the rider has rated the Uber driver, they will be able to easily select one of the preexisting gratuity amounts, or enter a custom amount by tapping “Enter Custom Amount”. As the rider, you have up to 30 days following your ride to leave a tip for the driver, while Uber Eats customers have 7 days to do so. When tipping becomes available in your city, Uber riders will be notified via email that they will need to update their application to begin giving tips. For the Uber drivers, they will be required to update their Uber app to the latest version, close down and reboot the app, and select the “Accept Tips” option. Drivers who may have accidentally skipped the opt-in option for tip acceptance may elect to opt-in from the notification in the “Home” feed of their Uber Driver app. Uber does not take or charge any fees when it comes to tipping, meaning Uber drivers earn 100% of their tips. These earnings are automatically added to the driver's total earnings.

Can Uber Drivers See Your Tip?

Uber drivers are unable to see their tip amounts until they have successfully rated their riders. Furthermore, Uber drivers are unable to accept another ride or fare until they have completed the rating. When an Uber driver completes the ride, they are required to swipe their screen, which will then bring them to the rating portion of the trip. This is enforced to ensure that Uber drivers are unable to accept another ride until the rating is completed. This is perhaps the difference between Uber and Lyft, as Lyft drivers only get a short amount of time after the end of the trip to rate their riders. If a Lyft driver does not rate their passenger within the specified amount of time, the Lyft app will automatically rate all drivers 5 stars. However, recently Lyft has changed this policy, allowing its drivers to review and or edit the passenger’s rating up to 24 hours after each trip. This technically indicates that Lyft drivers may be able to rate their passengers based on the tip they received or didn't receive.

Should You Tip an Uber Driver?

Should You Tip an Uber Driver?

Whether you should tip Uber drivers or not is 100% optional, just like it is completely optional for drivers to accept tips. Uber thinks that good service should be rewarded, but they insist that gratuity is discretionary. In 2012 when Uber as launched, they wrote in a blog post responding to two class-action lawsuits that they intentionally did not add a tipping option to the app to not bemuse the drivers and riders. However, following public pressure and complaints, Uber eventually elected to switch its policy in July of 2017. Other ridesharing apps such as Lyft, Via and Juno all had the tipping option built-in when they launched. It is your choice to tip uber drivers. Uber drivers who arrive on time, carry your luggage and offer complimentary refreshments often receive the best tips. Additionally, drivers who keep a clean, good smelling car, and have a good rating often also receive the best tips.

Can You Tip Uber Drivers in Cash?

Although Uber has been known to be a cash-free experience, riders and Uber Eats customers can tip Uber drivers in cash. Riders can also tip their drivers using Uber credits or gift cards of any kind. Many Uber drivers gladly welcome cash-tips. If you think you were provided with great service and can only offer cash as a form of gratuity, you can simply ask the Uber driver if they would accept cash for a tip.

What is the Average Uber Tip?

This is completely optional as well. Many riders claim that they often leave between 10 and 20 percent of the trip’s cost as gratuity, based on the quality of service the rider received. Generally, U.S. riders recommend that good rider etiquette is to give between 15 and 20 percent of the ride’s cost for phenomenal service if the driver helps carry your heavy luggage or plays outstanding music for example. For good service, riders typically leave between 10 and 15 percent, and 10 percent for average service. Again, this is completely optional but is certainly a good gesture considering Uber drivers can make around $20 per hour with tips, and about $15 per hour without tips. If a rider feels like a driver went way above and beyond for them, they can tip up to $100, or 200% of the ride’s total cost, which is the tip limit. For example, a rider can tip up to $60 for a $30 ride. However, riders are more than welcome to give additional cash to the driver if they please. This tip limit was set so riders would not accidentally add an additional zero at the end of their tip, evidentally overtipping. The best tips for Uber drivers are the ones that are left with a good message or comment thanking them for their service.


The bottom line is, it certainly would make sense to tip any rideshare driver. This is because drivers are using their personal vehicles to provide a service that a rider needs. This not only provides comfort and safety, but it is the normal thing to do when a rider receives this type of service.

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