How to Reactivate Disabled Uber Account?

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How to Reactivate Disabled Uber Account?

If you have a Uber account that was once deactivated, there are ways to go about reactivating the account when you want to use it again. There are several ways to reactivate your Uber Account. You can contact customer support and they can assist you in the reactivating of your account. You can make a new account with all new information and start fresh, or you can attempt to do it through the account you already have. If you want to try through your account, the first step would be to make sure you remember your email and password, and any other qualifying questions and answers, like security question answers.

The steps would include the follows:

  • Go to t.uber/account-disabled
  • On the screen of “My account is deactivated” click on submit
  • It will give you option to either enter phone number or email id
  • Enter your email Id into the email space provided
  • If you remember the password, enter it.
  • If not, select forgot password.
  • They will send you the verification code.
  • They will then send you an email to reset the password.
  • Again they will send you verification code.
  • Enter and Login to the account.
  • Change and or Reset the password.

These steps should work, if they do not you may have to call customer support, that will help walk you through the process of reactivating your account. Remember in the future if you aren’t sure if want to keep Uber account activated or not, you can opt out of using it instead of deactivating it, so you can avoid this messy process again. reactivating and deactivating Uber accounts are supposed to happen, or they wouldn’t give you the option. Some People freak out about not being able to reactivate their account. If it wasn’t a possibility the account wouldn’t give you the reactivation options. If there is a will there is a way, and with your Uber Account back to being reactivated I hope you have a nice day. start enjoying your Uber account again, never get sidetracked again, never wait for a ride again, always remember to use your Uber Account for all your driving and riding needs. Never leave yourself stranded again by deactivating your Uber Account always keep it activated in case of an emergency. Enjoy your new account or your reactivated account and start ride sharing again today.

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