Top 5 companies like Uber

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Top 5 companies like Uber

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What is Uber?

Uber is an app downloaded to your phone to where you can request a private driver. Uber has the technology to connect the rider with a driver. As an Uber driver, you can earn money with Uber to supplement your income. There are certain things, you have to do to become an Uber driver. You have to be of age, one year of driving unless you are under 23 then you have to have 3 years, a valid license and a 4 door vehicle that meets standards. 

What is Lyft?

Lyft is another driver app that you download to your phone. All you have to do is tap request ride and then you will see drivers and pick which one you want. You can set up front or in the back, it is our choice. It depends on where and when you need a ride on how much it will cost you and payment can be processed on the app too. You can provide your driver with a tip if you want but is not require. You can rate your driver but the driver can also rate the passengers so be on your best behavior. 

What is Zimride?

Zimride is now owned by Enterprise. Zimride connects riders with drivers through social networking. Zimride is a little different from the ride shares by the way you book rides. Zimride is a ride share company that works on universities or for companies. You submit your payment with a credit card or debit card and it is only charged if the ride is accepted. 

What is Lyft?

What is Gett?

This on demand car service is the biggest on in Europe along with moving to bigger cities. They also offer in app tipping and live support. You take and download the app and from there you can book, pay, tip and ask for help through the live support branch. Gett is also involved in recycling and has places set up to where stuff can be recycled. 

What is Flywheel?

Flywheel is a modern day taxi service. Flywheel app makes it to where the rider can book a taxi and pay for it. However, the app also will keep track of the distance you go and how much the rider owes you. Flywheel is trying its best to keep up with Uber and become as easy as Uber to access. 

What is Wingz?

Wingz has their app set up to where you can book your ride up to two months out, has flat rates, along with making their riders feel like family or friends are picking them up. Wingz does airport rides, events, doctor's appointments, business meetings and more. You can book your ride with which ever driver you want. Wingz try to help people who are coming into the airports because renting a car can be expensive. 

Things to Know?

Things to Know?

There is a lot of things that you can do from the apps that these companies create. The information that the app can give you about the drivers is really helpful to make sure you have the right driver. There is safety issues with just getting on your phone and booking a ride. You are getting in a car with a stranger unless you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone but the fact that you have access to a picture and the information about their car and insurance helps you feel safer.

The fact that you can rate your driver to is a good thing but you have to remember that even if you are playing around that if you give them a low rating and they did not deserve it then you just affected their business. For some people driving everyone else around to where they need to go is the way they make their living and you have to respect that so if they are good at getting to where you are suppose to go and are respectful then you want to give them a higher rating.

You also have to remember that the driver can rate you as a passenger too. If you are mean and disrespectful to them, then they are going to give you a low rating too. You have to be careful to you have to show them the respect that they need because they are the ones that make sure you get where you need to go when you do not drive. Uber and companies like it are coming up everywhere now and we have to go with the times. At least this gives you an option if you are out and need a ride home because your car broke down or because you were drinking and can not drive home safely. There is a lot that comes when you are booking an Uber or someone like it is what are their rating and what is their rate for the trip.

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