What is the difference between Uber and Lyft?

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What is the difference between Uber and Lyft?

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You are in between jobs or want to take a break from your gig for sometime. You are considering becoming a driver to make some extra bucks on the side. You are doing every research that a would-be driver is supposed to do to "join the group" with other drivers. Yet up until now, you haven’t made up your mind between Uber and Lyft. This information talks about the two ride-sharing companies as well as the difference that you will encounter moving forward.

Uber Vs Lyft : Demography

Uber has cast a wider net and is available in more than 58 countries across the globe whereas Lyft has its base only in the US and Canada. This means Uber is well ahead of Lyft in terms of customer base, outreach, company profits and much else. This also means having fewer customers, drivers and less infrastructure in general will put you on a disadvantage as a driver. More drivers and bigger coverage area equates to customers relying heavily on the company for their ride-sharing needs.

Uber Vs Lyft: Flexibility

Now that we talked about the two companies and the extent of their presence, as a first time driver, it is well worth looking at specific features that they provide. Lyft offers its customers a chance to reserve up to seven days in advance while Uber makes it 30 days in most major cities in the US. Remember, even in the ride-sharing space, you are not making the decision, but your customers who will be the decision makers for when and how they want to travel. A chance to select more days gives them more flexibility, expanding their options even more. Again both these apps let you choose who your riders should be and offers multiple other choices.

Uber Vs Lyft: Who Pays Better?

We have been talking about how accommodating Uber and Lyft are. But what about the price difference? How one service is affordable compared to the other for the consumers? The truth is, there is not much difference between the two. Both ride sharing services charge $1 at the start of the ride and $1.50 for every mile thereafter along with 25 cents of per minute fee. This price may change slightly when there is a heavy traffic or demand for the service is high. Uber and Lyft both handles these surge price differently. For example, Uber has a multiplier surge pricing model which means the price may double at the end of the ride. Lyft on the other hand uses a percentage based formula. So, during heavy traffic, the cost may get a boost of up to 50% making it an affordable choice. The customers will know whether or not a surge price has been activated well ahead of their ride when they make the reservation. To answer the question of who pays more, this depends on a number of factors such as driver rating, rewards and expenses.

Difference between Uber and Lyft: Packages

Difference between Uber and Lyft: Packages

If you haven't been around the ride-sharing world, you might want to take a look at the various packages that Uber and Lyft offers to its riders. As a driver, it is important that you know the difference between Uber and Lyft and all these packages to make an informed decision about which one to offer.

With that being said, here is the Uber rental program detail:

  • UberX offers basic ride service for a maximum of four customers at a time
  • UberXL is another service from Uber for up to six customers
  • UberSUV service is reserved for six customers and is an upgrade to the basic package
  • UberPOOL as the name indicates allows riders to carpool and share the price
  • UberWAV is for customers who require wheelchair or scooter
  • UberSELECT can be reserved for up to four customers and offers high end vehicles driven by highly ranked drivers
  • UberTAXI service allows customers to call for a cab using the app

The vehicles driven by Uber drivers need to be in good condition and cleared of inspection. The age of the vehicles may vary, usually not more than 10 years old. The driver should also posses clean driving record and background.

Lyft offers various service packages as well. Lyft driver requirements are very similar to that of Uber. The driver riding a Lyft vehicle need to be at least 21 years old and have an all cleared vehicle that is 2006 model or newer. They are also required to have clean driving record and pass background check.

As for the packages, they are detailed below:

  • Lyft Basic is where the service is offered for a maximum of four customers a reliable vehicle and a basic package
  • Lyft Plus is for six customers at a time and consists of basic service plus a few add-ons
  • Lyft Premier service is a ride in a high end vehicle for four customers
  • Lyft Lux and Lyft Lux SUV is a premium service for six passengers in a limousine like vehicles
  • Lyft Line is a carpool service for an affordable price

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