2.8" LCD ABS MaxScan MS500 CAN-BUS/OBDII Code Reader - Red + Black - 0

2.8" LCD ABS MaxScan MS500 CAN-BUS/OBDII Code Reader - Red + Black

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Color: Red + Black - Model: MS500 - ABS plastic case material - MaxScan GS500 includes many professional features in an inexpensive scan tool.The scan tool delivers all nine OBDII test modes retrieving live engine data stream and parameters to enable technicians to accurately diagnose the toughest problems - Reads & clears generic OBD II trouble codes (including pending codes) - Turns off check engine light(MIL) - Displays Generic Codes P0/P2/P3/U0 and Manufacturer Specific Codes P1/P3 and U1 - Displays OBD2 monitor and I/M readiness Status - Detects OBD-II Freeze Frame Information - Reads live PCM data stream - Displays live O2 sensor test data - Performs Modules Present Test - Supports CAN(Controller Area Network) and all other current OBD-II protocols - Built-in OBD-II DTC lookup library - State Emissions Check(OBD2) - Retrieves Vehicle information (VIN CID and CVN) - Determines the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) status - Code definitions displayed on unit screen - Unit updateable via Internet - Highly reliable and accurate - Easy-to-read crystal-clear backlit large 128 x 64 LCD display 2.8" - Safely communicates with the on-board computer - Accessories: - 1 x USB adapter cable (100cm) - 1 x OBDII cable (100cm) - 1 x English manual

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