Car Cigarette Powered 1000mA USB Adapter/Charger - White (DC 12V/24V) - 0

Car Cigarette Powered 1000mA USB Adapter/Charger - White (DC 12V/24V)

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Recent trends in consumer electronics are all about USBos; you need them to connect your devices to your computer and to charge them. Mobile charging can be difficult with limited access to USB slots especially in motor vehicles. If only there was a solution that could please everybody. DX has just found these totally cool USB charging stations that come in a wide variety of colors to match your taste and decor inside your vehicle. These trendy USB charging stations simply plug into your existing power point or cigarette light socket. They are simply and easy to use; just simply plug in. It requires an input of DC 12 to 24 volts and an output of DC 5v to 1000MA. This is an awesome device when used with Ipads and iPods as well as mobile phones and media players; or anything else that requires power from a USB port. Every car or truck should have a USB charging port. You never know when your gadget will be powerless. Keep your mobile devices happy and charged. With absolutely free shipping on such an inexpensive device DX is almost paying you to buy it! ? - Compact and easy to use - Input: DC 12V / 24V - Output: DC5V / 1000MA - Fit for iPod Iphone cellphone MP3 MP4 PDA & other devices with USB port

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