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WiFi Wireless OBD2 Interface for Ipad / Iphone

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Color: Black - SSID: CLKDevices - IP: - Subnet: - Port: 35000 - Range: 50 ft (Line of sight) - Antenna: Internal - Power Consumption: 0.75 Watts (With Power Switch) - Wifi Standard: 802.11a/b/g - Operating Temperature: -15 to 100 Deg Celsius - Plastic: Automotive Grade - With proper software installed in the host device you may have following parameters read out from your vehicle: Vehicle Speed RPM Fuel Consumption Engine Coolant Temp Fuel Pressure Calculated Engine Load Throttle Position Intake Manifold Pressure Air Intake Temp Timing Advance Mass Air Flow Fuel Level Barometric Pressure EVAP System Vapor Pressure Fuel Trim - Comes with software CD - Cable length: 150cm

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