EXTREME Experience

  • Established in 2005,
  • DX is one of China's
  • original direct business
  • to consumer e-commerce
  • retailers and continues to be
  • a leading retailer today with over
  • 1 million customers and 3000 suppliers.

EXTREME Selection

  • DX has one of the largest
  • and most diverse catalogues
  • in the industry with over 1000 
  • categories, 210,000 items and 1000
  • daily additions.

EXTREME Warranty

  • DX has the best warranty
  • in the industry. All items are 
  • covered by a 5 day dead on arrival
  • warranty. Most items are covered by 
  • a 90 day free defective replacement warranty
  • and 150 day repair warranty.

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