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  • perm_identity2 replies
    av_timer11/28/2017 12:58 PM

    Can uber drivers see what you rate them?

    av_timer12/14/2018 08:44 PM

    I believe they can. They are also interested-how and what they put. But in my opinion, it is more correct when passengers check out-drivers-who carry them. Because they look at each driver's driving skills and style.

    av_timer12/13/2018 08:39 AM

    Uber's rating system is completely anonymous, otherwise it wouldn't be objective. No, the driver does not know what grade you made him, not the passenger does not know how it is evaluated by the driver. The driver should not be afraid of a random low rating. If he knows the city or knows how to use the Navigator, the rating will be high.

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