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  • perm_identity1 replies
    av_timer02/09/2019 09:10 AM

    When does it make sense to buy a new car?

    av_timer02/25/2019 05:51 AM

    It might make sense to buy a new car if your old jalopy iscosting you a fortune in maintenance and repair expenses. As a vehicle ages, there's also a greater possibility that a major issue will occur. In some cases, the cost of the repair might actually be greater than the value of the vehicle. A new car can help you avoid a significant repair bill, at least in the early years. If a major issue crops up, it will likely be covered under the factory warranty. If you've just gotten married or are starting a family, you might need a bigger vehicle to haul everyone around. Safety becomes a bigger consideration as well. New cars offer the latest safety innovations, so upgrading to a new model can give you greater peace of mind. If you've landed a new job that requires a longer commute, a new car can also offer greater reliability than one with a lot of years and miles on it. If your career move came with a nice pay increase, your budget might accommodate a new car purchase.

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